Colonial Buildings of Sfax

Buildings from the Period of the Protectorate

Welcome to Sfax. We are glad you have chosen to join our group in a tour of the colonial-period buildings in Sfax. The French Protectorate lasted from 1881 (Sfax is proud of being the last town to resist the occupation) to Tunisian independence in 1957. Much of the French city, 'centreville,' is built on land reclaimed from the sea, and the buildings date from the late 1800s (north of Ave. Habib Bourguiba/Ave De Paris) to the 1930s.

We will shortly be arriving at the railway station, where we will begin our tour with a short walk to orientate you to the city.

On your maps you can see the old medina, the 'Ville Arab,' aligned off the north-south axis to face Mecca. Against the medina wall to the 'south' is the original 'Ville Europeenne,' dating from the 1700s. The 1943 map (yes, originally created for the Allied invasion of 1942/43) shows the wider, straighter streets laid out according to the French plan. It is these that we shall be exploring on this trip, looking for architectural gems, and discovering some less worthy examples too.

Please make sure you have all your bags with you when you exit the train.